Beautiful Aqua Gemstone Jewelry


Aquamarine is Latin for water of the sea and it is named because of its sea water color (aqua Latin for water and mare Latin for sea). Its color varies from light blue to deep blue due to presence of small amount of iron. Aquamarine is dichroic (two-coloured), appearing blue or colorless depending on what angles the gemstone is viewed.


Aquamarine Gemstone in Jewellery

As Aquamarine is a hard stone it is perfectly suitable for any type of jewellery. Aquamarines are worn as rings, pendants, and earrings. It should be noted that, aquamarine is often cut with the table facet parallel to the length of the crystal in order to emphasize the deepest coloration. It should be noted that aquamarine is more costly than blue topaz but less expensive than either emerald or bixbite.


The Magical and Healing Properties of Aquamarines

The word aquamarine comes from the Latin word for seawater due to its colour. It was believed that aquamarines held healing properties as well as contained magical elements. If a person had hiccups, for example, people believed that this could be cured by drinking water in which an aquamarine had been placed. This remedy was also believed to work for issues related to eyes and breathing.
Aquamarines also symbolises youth and happiness and have many connotations attached to love. In the Middle Ages, they were a popular choice for wedding rings and for already married couples, this gemstone was believed to be able to rekindle their love. If one had a dream featuring this gemstone, then this was meant to symbolise loving relationships and friendships.
In terms of magical properties, it was believed that these gemstones could repel evil and was stronger than evil. If a person placed an aquamarine in their mouth, they would be able to request the devil’s presence and to converse with the devil! They could ask any questions they had and the devil would respond to these.

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