Teen Sensation Lia Marie Johnson was seen wearing Charlene K

Lia Marie Johnson (born November 23, 1996) is an American actress, singer and Internet personality notable for appearing in various web series, including the Emmy-winning web series Kids React created by the Fine Brothers, and for her own vlogging and social media output. In 2012 her personal YouTube channel, “Lia Marie Johnson”, was reported to have received 16 million views.[1] In 2014, this was reported to have increased to 39 million views and 705,000 subscribers, while her Instagram account was followed by 2.3 million followers. In a 2014 Adweek profile she was referred to as one of “10 of the biggest young stars on YouTube”.[2] On August 12, 2016 she started dated internet celebrity Taylor Caniff.


 The LA Fashion magazine featuring YouTube teen sensation Lia Marie Johnson. Photography Viktorija Pashuta at Pashuta Photography, Styling Fashionstylist Chalia Breonn, Makeup Desiree Footé, Hair Stylist Veronica Nunez using Oribe Hair Care, Manicure Jolene Brodeur Celebrity Manicurist, Photographer’s Assistant David Ramirez. Some of the Jewelry is from Charlene K.


Lisa Marie Johnson wore Charlene K Sterling Silver gemstone cuff

Charlene K gemstone gold cuff


About Charlene K

Charlene K was founded and established by Teong Kay and his wife, Gigi in 2005 on Beverly Hills. The jewelry line is named after Teong and Gigi's daughter, Charlene. It was created to appeal to every woman's desire for self expression through the wearing of beautiful, timeless pieces. Mindful of the many facets of a woman, the jewelry line presents varied designs and materials that invite one to make up and discover a new look. Classy, chic, sophisticated, luxurious, and trend-driven, our pieces are perfect for any occasion. Charlene Kay jewelry enables one to exude confidence and feminine allure. View all posts by Charlene K

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Charlene K

14K Gold - Gold Vermeil - Sterling Silver - Rare Gemstones

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