Paris editor talks Charlene K

Another great editorial posted about Charlene K Jewelry last weekend! Paris fashion editor Lola Saab of talked about the beauty of the brand in such an elegant way.

Isaiah Garza, the publicist of Charlene K brand, met Lola during New York Fashion Week a year ago while attending some of the most prestigious designer shows of the year. Lola can be seen anywhere from NY to Paris Fashion Week sitting front row covering the runway shows. She is such a talented writer!

Below is just a portion of what she had to say about the brand!

“When one is surrounded by fascinating pieces such as a pair of earrings, a chic pendant, a fabulous bracelet or an eye-opening ring, an instant shimmer of grace lights the room and instantly illuminates one’s surrounding space. Jewellery is seen as an important factor for many; the late actress and famous fashion icon, Elizabeth Taylor, once said, ‘I adore wearing gems, but not because they are mine. You can’t possess radiance, you can only admire it.’ Taylor was not the only one to have highly appreciated a precious stone’s intimate embrace; a number of other women are also known to value the idea of adding a slight chic glint to their wardrobe.
Jewellery brand Charlene K has won the hearts of many top female celebrities including Eva Longoria, Tyra Banks, Audrina Patridge, Taylor Armstrong, Julia Ling, Reese Witherspoon and other fashionably chic women in Hollywood. Charlene K is described as ‘contemporary, classic, trendy, and perfect for any occasion.’ As we look through the brand’s vast range of different pieces we understand to what extent they can be revealed as exclusively hip and stylish as they shimmer and shine. The pieces underline the wearer’s allure and refined appeal. The Charlene K collection consists of highly radiant and rare gemstones that are extremely attractive and fashionable. The collection varies from overly sophisticated to very simple and sweet.”

Check out the full link below

About Charlene K

Charlene K was founded and established by Teong Kay and his wife, Gigi in 2005 on Beverly Hills. The jewelry line is named after Teong and Gigi's daughter, Charlene. It was created to appeal to every woman's desire for self expression through the wearing of beautiful, timeless pieces. Mindful of the many facets of a woman, the jewelry line presents varied designs and materials that invite one to make up and discover a new look. Classy, chic, sophisticated, luxurious, and trend-driven, our pieces are perfect for any occasion. Charlene Kay jewelry enables one to exude confidence and feminine allure. View all posts by Charlene K

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Charlene K

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