Charlene K China online retailer: gaojie.com

Announcement! China has yet another brand-specialist luxury e-commerce site, with the launch of the ‘High Street’ site at GaoJie.com today.  It brings brands such as Coach, Guess, and Miss Sixty to Chinese online consumers, with lots of other licensed partners on board to provide plenty of high-end fashion options…It is reported that high street network the sale of goods covered by clothing, shoes, bags, home, makeup and other fashion related fields. Buyers team covering the United States and Europe, has received dozens of internationally renowned brand marketing authorization.The site is apparently named after the UK concept of the high street as the place for a large variety of clothing options.The company behind GaoJie belongs to Li Yun, the former VP of Yoka, the fashion portal that is well known in the country as an MSN-China partner.



http://www.gaojie.com/product/pjjhybigam (whole page from top to bottom covers Charlene K’s info and celebrities pictures)

http://www.gaojie.com/product/pffcpbebgm (whole page from top to bottom covers Charlene K’s info and celebrities pictures)

Charlene K  品牌介绍

      Charlene K Jewelry 是一个令人兴奋的首饰潮牌,诞生于美国的加利福尼亚,由设计师GiGi和Teong Kay创立。Charlene K首饰的选材包括不同颜色的14K金及天然矿石,其中每一块矿石的色泽、纹理都不尽相同,这也赋予Charlene K每件首饰独一无二的完美意义。

      Charlene K是众多好莱坞明星大腕们钟爱的品牌,在明星街拍及各大颁奖晚会的红毯上频频亮相。“绝望的主妇”伊娃-朗格利亚曾说:“Charlene K一定会出现在我must have list上,不仅因为它时尚度颇高的设计,同时带来的还有类似高级定制般的完美体验。”


About Charlene K

Charlene K was founded and established by Teong Kay and his wife, Gigi in 2005 on Beverly Hills. The jewelry line is named after Teong and Gigi's daughter, Charlene. It was created to appeal to every woman's desire for self expression through the wearing of beautiful, timeless pieces. Mindful of the many facets of a woman, the jewelry line presents varied designs and materials that invite one to make up and discover a new look. Classy, chic, sophisticated, luxurious, and trend-driven, our pieces are perfect for any occasion. Charlene Kay jewelry enables one to exude confidence and feminine allure. View all posts by Charlene K

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Charlene K

14K Gold - Gold Vermeil - Sterling Silver - Rare Gemstones

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